On Games

In this section you will find pieces related to video games and and issues related to video game studies. Click on the images below to go to the respective game comment sections.

On Eludamos (2012)

On The Worst Video Game in History

On Final Fantasy XIII-2

On Diablo III and its Issues

On Defining Role Playing Games

On Fallout and Society: The Fear of Fallout PCA Conference

On Video Game Romance

On The Success of Japanese Games

On Eludamos (2011)

A Defence of Gamestop

On Portal – Is the Cake Really a Lie?

On Video Games and the Constitution

On the Role of the Player

On The Future of Games

On Beowulf and Transmedia

On Romance in Games: A Talk Given at the PCA

On Heavy Rain

The Electronic Arts Manifesto

On The Uncanny Valley

My Week as a Game Designer

On Blake and Fable III

On Fallout New Vegas

On The Effect of Games on Attitudes towards Language Acquisition

On Singularity (n)

On Discourse Community Memoirs (The DDR Community)

On Games and Learning

On The Image of The Gamer

On The Magic of Video Games

On Eternal Sonata and MedCoorp

On Final Fantasy XIII and Linearity

On The World Ends with You

On Video Games and Legal Controversies

On Eludamos (2010)

On Jane McGoingal and Gamification

On Video Games and Society

On Video Game Violence (A Full Article from Game Journal)

On Tabletop RPGs and Language Acquisition (Full Article from Game Journal)

On Dante’s Inferno and Choice

On Dante’s Inferno and Torture Imagery

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