Procedural Rhetoric as Narrative (Concurrent Session Speaker). Far West PCA Annual Conference, February 2013.

The Digital World as a Classroom: Using Virtual and Augmented Spaces to Teach (Concurrent Session Speaker). PRTESOL 39th Annual Convention, November 2012.

A Curriculum for Digital Media and the Digital Humanities (Digital Contribution). THATCamp LAC 2012, June 2012.

The Psychology of Catherine: Fear of Relationships  and the Self (Concurrent Session Speaker). ACES Conference, March 2012.

Theorizing a Programming Course for the Digital Humanities (Unconference Panel co-facilitator with Fanny Ramirez and Tricia Dupey). ThatCAMP Texas 2012, March 2012.

The Fear of Fallout: Choices and the Self in Gaming (Concurrent Session Speaker). Far West PCA Annual Conference, February 2012.

Teaching Values through Gaming (Concurrent Session Speaker). PRTESOL 37th Annual Convention, November 2011.

Exploring Romance in Final Fantasy VIII and Lunar (Concurrent Session Speaker). Popular / American Culture Association 2011 National Conference, April 2011.

The Effects of Using Role Playing Games in an Integrated, Skills-Based ESL Curriculum (Concurrent Session Speaker). ACES, UTA, March 2011.

The Evolution of Media in Education (Concurrent Session Speaker). PRTESOL 37th Annual Convention, November 2010.

The History of Stand-Up Comedy (Guest Speaker). University of Puerto Rico, February 2010.

Using Technology to Motivate Students: Computer Adaptations of Classroom Activities (Concurrent Session Speaker / with Evelyn Nieves). PRTESOL 36th Annual Convention, November 2009.

How Video Games Affect ESL Students’ Attitudes towards Learning English as a Second Language (Concurrent Session Speaker). X Congreso de la Investigación en la Educación, March 2009.

Video Games and the ESL Classroom: Taking Advantage of Video Games to Promote the Acquisition of Language (Concurrent Session Speaker). PRTESOL 35th Annual Convention, November 2008.

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