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On the X-1, DRM, and Doritos

2495149-4511211480-V5rYDThis is the last post for now on the whole PS 4 vs. X-1 used games thing, I promise.

A month ago, Ben Kuchera wrote an article over at Penny Arcade about how awesome it is that “X Box killed used games”. He suggested that the X-1 DRM measures will be great for gaming because it will combat piracy and kill the used-games market (or leave it open but give the publishers double-dip profits), and this will, in his hypothetical and highly unlikely reality, lead to a cut in Gamestop’s profits and discounts of up to 90% in sales of digital-only, license-based games.

Now, hypothetical futures based on “PC Master Races” models are always amusing, but when those “hey, this may be could perhaps happen and maybe it will be cool” wishes come accompanied with strong claims like “Microsoft killed used games, that’s a good thing” then we have to question the accuracy of the piece.

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