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On Sony and Microsoft

xbox-oneLast night I wrote a bit about how the PS 4 has already won the 8th Generation console war without it having even started. As more information comes out, the PS 4 seems to e hands-down the console of choice. Today, I woke up to an article stating that the PS 4 will not be region-locked: players will be able to play imported games on their US consoles. Of course, the PS 4 will let users use Netflix and Youtube apps without the PS + membership (which I might get anyway). The only thing that’s missing for this to be a truly ultimate machine is backwards compatibility with all other Sony consoles. The PS 4 sounds great indeed.

But here’s what I really want to say: Microsoft, please step up your game. I was a big fan of the X Box 360 – I like it more than the PS 3. While I use the PS 3 for media streaming (watching Netflix with the family), I use my 360 for gaming. I have all multi-platform games on the 360 , and with the exception of some PSN Indie titles (Unfinished Swan, Journey, etc), I think the 360 is a better gaming machine with better games. The XL indie market is thriving thanks to XNL, some of the more professional indie games in XL are of incredible quality (Dust comes to mind), and with very few exceptions the 360 exclusives are more interesting than the PS 4 exclusives.

I want to like the X-1, I really do. But with 24 hour DRM checks, anti used-game policies, limited game showing, always plugged-in Kinect, and a focus on non-gaming, I really have a hard time liking it. So, Microsoft, please fix it.