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Hi Score Girl and Mental Health

fcc61212-999c-4842-b65b-17bd8cd28e6a-screen-shot-2018-12-17-at-85015-pmFor this weekend’s second post I would like to write briefly about the other anime I finished watching recently: Hi Score Girl. I initially went into the anime because “anime about videogames.” Indeed many of the reviews refer to it as a love letter to 90s arcade culture [1, 2, 3], and I don’t blame them. Many of us who lived through the boom and bust of arcade fighter culture see the struggles of the protagonist trying to earn respect and we see some of our younger selves in him. But I quickly lost interest in the nostalgia trip. Instead, what kept me going through the end of the anime was the way it depicts the heroine of the story and the way that the other characters treat her. You see, dear reader, the heroine of the story, Oono, suffers from some kind of mental health condition… and no one cares. This, I argue, is a good thing.

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