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Shining Narrative: Resonance Refrain is Disappointing


Shining Force: Legacy of the Great Intention is one of the most beloved titles of RPG fans the world over. The large roster of bright and colorful characters, the vast setting, and the numerous approaches to play one could take triggered the imagination of SEGA fans the world over, but what caught players’ attention the most – where the game really shines – is in its story.

The game opens with the protagonist, Max, training under Lord Varios, a centaur and the head of the Guardiana Knights. Max is summoned to the castle and is given a mission: to take a small team of warriors, wizards, archers, and priests to the nearby ruins where the armies of Runefaust – a rival kingdom – had recently been spotted. I won’t summarize the game’s full story as others have done so elsewhere (Swalchy 2012), but I will comment briefly on the game’s approach to storytelling.

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